You want what for that?

In the post below, Nikko’s Momma posted a link to a site she thought I would be interested in. And I was. It’s a set of stuffed Shiba toys, made by Piutre, an Italian company that sells in the U.S.

Aren’t they cute? Unfortunately, the price is less adorable:

Puppy, Lying Down (16″) $145
Standing (22″) $598
Lying Down (22″) $460
Puppy, Sitting (16″) $145

Nnngh?! Five hundred and ninety-eight DOLLARS? For that price you can get a real Shiba! Of course, these ones don’t have to be neutered and they don’t wriggle past the barrier and through the fence into the neighbours’ yard, like a certain Shiba of my acquaintance did this morning.

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  1. Yeah.. a bit price prohibitive for me as well.. and again.. they never do black and tans!

    glad you liked it. =)

    Nikko’s Momma

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