1. One of my dog park friends and her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel were recently attacked by a pit bull. She, her husband, and Brody,the Spaniel, were taking a walk in a local neighborhood. They passed an open garage and the pit bull came careening out of the garage. (The owner was no where in sight.) My friend and her husband were able to beat off the pit bull, who had latched on to Brody’s neck. My friend suffered a small bite to a finger in this process. Brody-thankfully- did not suffer any damage. The pit bull is now in quarantine for 10 days.

    Incidents such as these seem to be mounting. This is one reason I am very careful where I walk my Shiba and why she is generally restricted to dog park activities. At least at the dog park we have come to know most of the dogs and their owners. The behavior of the various dogs is fairly predictable. We have had some bad incidents, but in this scenario there is at least some level of control.

  2. I would have taken them to court as well. My own emotional trauma as well as what happened to my dog would have been enough for me to want to use the law to set an example. The law in Connecticut is that you need to have control of your dog at all times (whether this be verbal, leash, etc) and if you do not, then you will be fined.

    Walking Cortez is always a challenge. Fortunately, we live in a very nice neighborhood and our walking paths have very considerate dog owners (many of whom also walk the same paths) but I have encountered a number of individuals who don’t understand that a loose dog is a loose cannon, no matter how friendly he is or your need to let him be free (don’t even get me started on my views of retractable leashes- which I think are an idiotic invention). We even have two pit bull mixes in our neighborhood but the owners take their responsibilities seriously, and there have never been any problems.

    Cortez will never be a dog park dog. He would take one look around, claim this in the name of all that is Shiba, and take on any threat. As a result, we don’t do dog parks. I know this about my dog and do not attempt to endanger others and their environment by introducing my own loose cannon. He may not start the fight, but he would be enough of an ass to piss off another dog and take on the challenge of the fight when it started.

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