Fido Casting Call: Where To Go

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Vote Tierce for the Fido Casting Call contest!

Tierce: I never get to tell you where to go.

Me:  You certainly try.  Come to think of it, maybe that’s why my rotator cuff is damaged.

Tierce:  I may try to influence you.

Me:  That’s pulling, not influencing.

Tierce:  Oh, so you influence me into the tub?  You influence me onto the grooming table?  You influence me into the vet’s office?

Me:  No, that’s called ‘dragging you in, kicking and screaming and disgracing yourself’.

Tierce:  Conscientious objection is not disgraceful.

Vote for Tierce and his conscientious objections in the Fido Casting Call Contest!

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