Webcam spotlights a nasty dog walker

Check this out:  Lifehacker features one of the many uses of webcams: to catch a deadbeat dogwalker.

I am eternally grateful that my ex-boyfriend was available throughout Tierce’s growing years.  He made it possible for us to housebreak Tierce and not leave him too long during the day.  Now that he’s back from his sojourn in Ontario, Wolfie sporadically takes on walking Tierce and caring for him when we’re not there.  I trust him implicitly, but as you can see from the link, not everyone is that lucky.

If someone did that to me, I would probably plaster their name all over the Internet, warning about their neglect (abuse is more like it) of their charges.  What’s she going to say?  “I’m suing for defamation of character because someone caught me not performing the tasks I am being paid for!”  She’s probably doing this to a bunch of dogs. One of my fantasies involving this chick involves a crate, a lock and a 10 hour timer and see how she likes not being able to just go to the bathroom when she needs to.

What pisses me off more than just not walking the dog is that this walker left the dog in the crate when she knew that the dog was likely to be there for 9-10 hours or however long the owners were at work for.  That’s just not okay. She could even have taken the dog out for a quick pee and returned it to the crate in less time than it took for her to rifle through her employers’ belongings.

Now, Tierce can go for 12 hours without having to pee (he sleeps on our bed and we sleep in on the weekends we’re not gallivanting around the Island – he has stayed in bed at least that long several times without asking to go out), but when we’re not home and he has no way of getting outside, that’s putting an inordinate amount of stress on him and I would not do that to him if there is any other way.  Paying Wolfie 10 bucks a walk is more than worth it to me and at least I know it’s getting done.

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