We are still looking for Bella

Repost from email:

The Belsleys are still looking for Bella, the Shiba, in the San Jose, CA area. Bella went missing on 4/11/08 when she and her owner were attacked by a roaming pit bull. Yesterday, there was a possible sighting of Bella in the general area of an earlier sighting. They are bringing in a scent dog to do area search today of this area .Tomorrow they will meeting at the Belsley’s house at 1:00 p.m. to do another area search with people. They have notified media of the Sunday search.

People interested in supporting the Belsley’s search effort tomorrow (Sunday) should contact them at (remove space):

stevebelsley@ comcast.net


Search is still on for Sunday at 1pm at our house. Making more fliers and posters today, along w/searching. Left message w/local stations and paper…if you have time to call, please do, as I think the more people they here from the better chance they’ll cover.

Had a possible sighting last night near Lincoln Ave. and Coe….about 1 mile from last sighting and 5 mile from our house. Search dog coming this afternoon to check for scent, so we can increase searching in that area tomorrow with the help of more people. Any help in passing the info on via internet etc. is appreciated. I am encouraged by last evening’s sighting, we were out late looking and my husband went back this a.m. Hoping she will return to that area. Thanks again for helping to bring Bella home safe.


  1. this is terrible
    I hope you will find Bella soon
    I burn a candle for you all

  2. Thank you for maintaining these updates.

    I live in the Willow Glen neighborhood of the lost dog and have been trying to keep tabs on the progress of the search. Your’s is the only site where I’ve found updates.

    I’m headed out now for a walk around the area where she was last seen.

    Thanks again — Allen

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