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First pup choices: will the Goldendoodle win out?

I generally hesitate on ‘designer dogs’, because I think that the overwhelming majority of them are not bred for any other purpose than to produce puppies for profit. However, I disagree about the Shiba puppies that Samantha Beerman votes for (yeah, yeah, I know it’s tongue-in-cheek).

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Hey, I like more stuff about our breed as much as the next dog-obsessed fanatic, but the last thing I’d like is a Shiba in the Oval Office. All of a sudden, pet shops and backyard breeders would figure that they could cash in on the sudden popularity and bam! there goes the breed. Of course our dedicated breeders would keep on breeding and educating, but it’s just something we so do not need.


  1. I’ve heard on the news that the Obamas are hoping to adopt a rescue dog and need a low-dander one, so the Shiba is definitely out. Kudos to the future First Family for publicly endorsing shelter dogs!


    From the I.AM.SHIBA blog.

    For those not familiar with the Shiba Inu (Sheba Enu- Inu=dog), this is a small hunting dog from Japan. They look like miniature Akitas and are spitz-type dogs. They are wonderful dogs, but generally not for the first time dog owner. They are very smart, independent, blow their coats twice a year, and are great escape artists. In this blog, the Shiba explains why a Shiba may not make a good first puppy!

    Sukoshi’s Mom

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