**Volunteers Needed To Help Find Bella** (near Almaden Exp & Branham)

** PLEASE HELP US FIND BELLA…VOLUNTEERS NEEDED** Bella is the Shiba Inu attacked, along w/her owner in her neighborhood, by a pit bull roaming loose on 4/11. See attached SJMN article. We’ve had multiple sighting as recent as 4/26 and need your help to have an all-out search to get the word out and bring her home safely. We need volunteers to help search for Bella on Saturday 5/3 at 10 AM, starting at 3859 Thousand Oaks Dr, San Jose. We will have flyers and maps with the latest sightings to focus on. All volunteers and help is truly appreciated. We know she’s out there and needs your help to find her way back home where she belongs. Please be part of bringing Bella home safe. Thank you, Terri & Steve



  1. I so do hope they find her.

    i posted her info on a shiba board i belong to and have asked that someone post this info on Petfinder.com’s forums under urgent. i’m having difficulty posting on it as i just registered with them

    just breaks my heart..

    Nikko’s Mom

  2. Ahh this happened to me before. My shiba was spooked and sprinted away. It took us a painful week to find her and the next week she hopped over our fence. You need to be really careful with your yard as they are extremely agile.

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