The Shiba inu joins a top 10 list.  Yay.

Some varieties are hard to breed, such as bulldogs, she said. The French bulldog, new on the list and sharing 10th place with the Shiba Inu, “has risen in popularity. It’s a cute little dog, small, and it sells for a big price.”

“We need to have careful breeding. When you have a breed that a lot of people want to get, you find novices getting into breeding for fun and money. One of the heartaches is when so many people want to have puppies, it can damage a breed,” Cadiz said.

Oh, please, popularity, stay away from my breed, ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.  If the words, “cool”, “in”, “latest”, “hot”, or “style” are in any way involved with your desire to get any breed, it’s pretty much a sure sign that you shouldn’t get one.

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