Tierce the Shiba ambassador to veterinary clinics everywhere

Vet and staff: Oh, no, another Shiba!

Tierce: Doo-de-doody-doo… hey, cheese!

Me: Yeah, the vet’s office is a WONDERFUL place, isn’t it?

Staff: He’s friendly?!

Vet: I don’t have to muzzle him?!

Tierce: I get to eat hamburger!

Me: What kind of Shibas have come in here before?

Vet and Staff: Neurotic fear-biters.

Me: Oookaaay…..

Vet: Okay, now I’m going to check him out.

Tierce: What are you doing?

Vet: Listening to your heart.

Tierce: Oh. Mmm… this is the expensive stuff from the top fridge shelf, isn’t it?

Me: Yes. Don’t tell Mischa; he’d flip.

Tierce: Don’t worry, I won’t. Yum.

Vet: Aaaaand… check your temperature…

Tierce: Hey! That’s a private area!

Me: Cheese!

Tierce: Yay!

Vet: Okay, can we check your teeth?

Me: Okay, Tierce, we’re going to check your teeth!

Tierce: Do I get cheese?

Me: Absolutely; just show the nice doctor your pearly whites.

Vet: Looks really good, except for the hamburger stuck between them.

Tierce: I’m working on it, okay?

Vet: Time for a shot… can you hold him?

Tierce: What’s she doin-

Me: Cheese!

Tierce: Yay!

Vet: Just a little pinch…

Tierce: What’s that?

Me: Cheese!

Tierce: Yay!

Vet: Okay, he’s good to go. This really is the friendliest, best behaved Shiba I’ve ever seen.

Me: Me too. It’s the magic of animal food products.


  1. Am pleased to report that Sukoshi, my female Shiba, has developed a “not-a-typical” Shiba reputation at our vet. She doesn’t like going into the vet office waiting area (slippy linoleum floor not her favorite), but once we’re in the treatment room talking to the vet she’s great. And she’s good with the tech staff. They have the usual reaction (“oh no a shiba!”) and then the vet assures them this is Sukoshi and there are no problems. I’ve only seen her do a small growl at the vet once –and that was when the vet was doing manipulation to check her hip dysplasia! Not bad for a Shiba (or any dog).


  2. I’ll need to remember the Beggin Strips the next time I take our two to the vet. They have a tendency to try to nip with the shots.

    They are non-shiba-like at the vet too. They are the only ones our vet like to work on. Our boys LOVE the staff so much that if they don’t come over to say “hi” when walking past our older one will growl a little to say “HEY!! I’m here! Say Hi!”

    Anji – Indiana

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