Tierce meets coyotes


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Mischa: Well, Roberts Creek is a really nice place. The park is beautiful.

Tierce: Can I run off leash?

Mischa:  No; we don’t know the rules in this park and, besides, the coyotes would get you.

Tierce:  Coyotes – like those dogs that were running loose last night?  Why do they get to run free and I can’t?

Mischa: Because they’re wild.

Tierce:  Wild and free.  I bet they get to scavenge in all the best garbage cans.

Mischa:  I’m sure they do.  They don’t get fed by people stupid enough to bring an animal into their home who does nothing and expects to get by on his looks and charm.

Tierce:  It’s done well for me for the last four years.  What I can’t understand is why my looks and charm don’t get me let loose so I can go eat the local rabbits.

Mischa:  Have you seen any rabbits in Gibsons?

Tierce:  No.

Mischa:  Have you seen any outside cats?

Tierce:  No…

Mischa:  That’s because coyotes live in Gibsons.  They eat rabbits.  They eat cats.  And they’ll eat you.

Tierce:  I’m sure I can take on a coyote.  Besides, the ones I met wanted to play with me.

Mischa:  There isn’t ‘a coyote’; there’s several.  They’ll lure you out and then, when you’re stupid enough to run away and not listen to me, they’ll tear you apart and masticate your sweet, sweet overfed flesh.

Tierce: Come to think of it, they smelled familiar, but also kind of weird.

Mischa:  That’s the smell of a predator that eats small dogs.


  1. Tierce – I met a coyote on a trail. I know I could have taken him / her because I iz tuff. Your hoomans are trying to oppress you. Fight the good fight!!

  2. Tierce-

    You don’t want to meet the coyotes. Really you don’t. There was a big one (about 50 lbs) outside my fence once. Mom scared it away. Our neighbors saw a coyote take down a deer (don’t know size of deer).

    Hope the earthquake didn’t cause any problems for you.


  3. Tierce we talked about this and the rules are no Coyotes. FINI!

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