Tierce goes Geocaching!

What's that, Julie?  A cache is under a rock?

What's that, Julie? A cache is under a rock?

With the improvement in the weather, Tierce and I have been sallying forth and going geocaching.  Geocaching is an awesome hobby for Shibas, requiring only a GPS unit and an owner with a leash.  We’ve been out and about a fair amount, including up in Courtenay, where the city is just riddled with the things.

Tierce is pretty good about the geocaching, but when one wants to be subtle and not advertise that there’s a cache out there, a purebred Shiba isn’t the best dog to take along.

“What kind of dog is that?”

“It’s sooo cute!”

and, of course,

“It looks like a little fox!”


  1. Geocache hazard. Snakes. Specifically rattlesnakes. Don ‘t know what you have in way of snakes in your area, but something to consider.

    One of my office mates was out geocaching and stuck his hand in a bush where there was supposed to be a cache. In the process he got bitten by a rattlesnake, went to the hospital, was given the antivenom and had a reaction to it. He was pretty sick.

    I know Tierce has had reactions to vaccinations, but if rattlesnakes are a possibility, then you may want him to get rattlesnake vaccination. It buys you time to get him to the vet. Sukoshi gets her annual vaccination because we have them in our area. I actually had a rattler in my garage one time Got it out of my garage using a rake and killed it with a shovel.

  2. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do Geocaching! Please share your stories when you go.

  3. Thanks for reminding Mommy! She hasn’t Geocached in almost a year! Her GPS is unfortunately hiding somewhere and we’re moving soon, so that doesn’t really help… Have fun geocaching!

    PS. Mommy says that’s a cute picture!

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