Tierce Art!

Tierce had his picture painted by LJ Phillips of the Skins and Under My Skin comics.  This was because I won a contest for fan fiction and asked for a painting of the Internet’s snarkiest Shiba.  This is the result!  Pretty awesome, eh?  You should totally check out her art.  Because it’s awesome.  And because Tierce told you to.

Tierce:  I did not tell them to.

Me:  Yes, you did.

Tierce:  Why do I want to tell them to?

Me:  Because the links lead to great, vast lands of cheese and unattended garbage bags.

Tierce:  Yay!  I endorse these links!

Tierce painting by LJ Phillips of http://lj-phillips.deviantart.com.

Tierce painting by LJ Phillips.  Copyright LJ Phillips.  Don’t steal it.  Don’t use it as your own.  Or… things will happen.  Bad things.  Legal things.  Evil Shiba things.

Me:  So I won a fan fiction contest and I got a prize.

Tierce:  A what?  You made a fake fan?

Me:  No, I wrote something that people liked and awarded me a prize for.

Tierce:  Is it edible?

Me: No.

Tierce:  Can you chew it?

Me:  No.

Tierce:  Can you tear it into little bits and eat some of them so they keep showing up in your poop for the next week or so?

Me:  No!  Ew!

Tierce:  Then why should I be interested?

Me:  I asked for a painting of you.

Tierce:  Of me.

Me:  Yes.

Tierce:  Do I look noble and far-seeing?

Me:  Yeah, but it’s only because I was waving a leaf at you when I took the picture she based the painting off of.

Tierce:  What’s it look like?

Me:  Take a look.

Tierce:  Like I can see in two dimensions.

Me:  Then I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Tierce:  Maybe she painted me with googly eyes.  I’ll never know.

Me:  Or with a cat.  The world is full of possibilities.

Tierce:  Please tell me I wasn’t drawn with a cat.  It’s probably attacking me with pixelated claws.

Me:  I’ll have to check it again.

Tierce:  You know, it’s about time I had art made of me.

Me:  Well, you didn’t really.  I did that for you.

Tierce:  Nobility often had art commissioned of them.

Me:  That’s true, but-

Tierce:  And it’s time that I started living in the manner to which I intend to become accustomed to.

Me:  Whatever, Henry VIII.  Just so you know, this is kind of a one-shot deal.  I don’t win fan fiction contests by awesome artists all the time and even if I did, they aren’t going to be constantly painting my Shiba.

Tierce:  To the keyboard!  Make more fake fans, servant!  The next portrait must show me defeating a cat!

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