They play together so nicely


Mischa (long suffering boyfriend): There is a Kong in my lap.

Tierce (balancing on top of the couch): Yeah, I don’t know how it got there. Throw it for me, will you?

Mischa: No. I’m resting.

Tierce: But I’m staring at you!

Mischa: No. I’m resting and I’m Alph- FOR FUCK’S SAKE THIS IS SLIMY AND DISGUSTING! (hurls Kong away from him)

Tierce (leaping off the back of the couch onto Mischa’s crotch and launching himself towards the Kong): YAYYYY!

Mischa: That hurt, but not as much as it’s going to hurt you in a minute.

Tierce: But I’m cute and I’ve got the Kongandyouneedtothrowitformerightnow!!!!

Mischa: The only thing I’m throwing is you.

Tierce (drops Kong on Mischa’s foot): Throw this!

Mischa: Ew! (kicks Kong across living room)

Tierce: YAYYYY!

Mischa: I’m going to watch Iron Chef. Maybe the secret ingredient today is Shiba.

Tierce: I GOT IT!!!

Mischa: I’m not throwing it for you.

Tierce: But it’s riiiiight heeeeeere! And I’m cute.

Mischa: FINE. (Takes Kong and puts it on top of the stack of cardboard boxes in the other room)

Tierce: …

Tierce: I can’t get it.

Mischa: YAYYYY!

Mischa (settles down on the couch): Now life is good.

(five minutes pass)

Tierce: …

Tierce: Hey, Mischa.

Mischa: Snore

Tierce: …


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  1. Just got a shiba mix, your posts are so accurate!!!
    she so loves “outside” she’ll go out in anything, it just so happens to be brittle cold right now, so she looks at me and says “what the h*&^” and wants right back inside, but can’t help herself, wants right back outside honestly believing things will change in 3 minutes. this log is awesome! keep it up 🙂

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