They play together so nicely.


Mischa (long suffering boyfriend): There is a Kong in my lap.

Tierce (balancing on top of the couch): Yeah, I don’t know how it got there. Throw it for me, will you?

Mischa: No. I’m resting.

Tierce: But I’m staring at you!

Mischa: No. I’m resting and I’m Alph- FOR FUCK’S SAKE THIS IS SLIMY AND DISGUSTING! (hurls Kong away from him)

Tierce (leaping off the back of the couch onto Mischa’s crotch and launching himself towards the Kong): YAYYYY!

Mischa: That hurt, but not as much as it’s going to hurt you in a minute.

Tierce: But I’m cute and I’ve got the Kongandyouneedtothrowitformerightnow!!!!

Mischa: The only thing I’m throwing is you.

Tierce (drops Kong on Mischa’s foot): Throw this!

Mischa: Ew! (kicks Kong across living room)

Tierce: YAYYYY!

Mischa: I’m going to watch Iron Chef. Maybe the secret ingredient today is Shiba.

Tierce: I GOT IT!!!

Mischa: I’m not throwing it for you.

Tierce: But it’s riiiiight heeeeeere! And I’m cute.

Mischa: FINE. (Takes Kong and puts it on top of the stack of cardboard boxes in the other room)

Tierce: …

Tierce: I can’t get it.

Mischa: YAYYYY!

Mischa (settles down on the couch): Now life is good.

(five minutes pass)

Tierce: …

Tierce: Hey, Mischa.

Mischa: Snore

Tierce: …



  1. Ahhh, the “balancing on the back of the couch and then rocketing themselves off of you” play time. I know it well. Can’t wait to go home and give my Shiba baby some kisses! Kudos to your hilarious website!

  2. As I was reading this post, my Shiba, Roux,threw his slimy Kong in my lap. I’m thinking I need to hide my laptop to prevent him from reading your blog.

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