The Westwood Off Leash Dog Walk

Filthy Shiba Inu


Me:  Tierce!  Tierce!

Megan (friend):  Where’d he go?

Angela (friend):  Up in the bushes.

Me:  Yeah, about the discussion on obedience we were having…

Tierce:  Here I am!

Me:  Oh my DOG.

Angela/Megan:  What?  Oh, my GOD!

Tierce:  What?


Tierce:  Um… nothing?

Me:  You’re filthy!

Angela:  Looks like he rolled in something.

Megan:  Smells like he rolled in it, too.

Tierce:  You know, you totally place too much emphasis on appearances.

Me:  How did you manage to get it just on your face and not on your body?

Tierce: Oh, I’m talented like that.

Angela:  Oh, is he ever!

Megan:  I’m sure glad we drove my husband’s car here.


Tierce:  I hate you.

Me:  You should have thought of that before you decided to try your mud mask.

Tierce:  I hate this chair!

Me:  The showerhead can’t reach the filthy crap you have on your chest if you’re on the floor.

Tierce:  I’m fine with that.

Me:  I’m not having you smear the putrid remains of whatever dead body you found up in Westwood on the carpet!  Now hold still!

Tierce:  We just don’t approach hygiene the same way and your prejudice saddens me.

Me:  Shut up and stop trying to jump off the chair!


  1. “We just don’t approach hygiene the same way and your prejudice saddens me.”


    I fear to imagine the stench that must have been emanating from his majesty’s royal mane.

  2. omg we couldn’t stop laughing at tierce’s new mane. He looks so proud of himself!

  3. One of the joys of living in an area with salmon runs–
    your dog decides to roll his/her entire body in dead salmon! Yuk! (And they also have nasty parasites if I recall correctly.)

  4. If you’ve seen Jurasic Park…He looks like a Spitter…Delaphasaurus? IDK…It’s too cute though…Oh are fun to follow!

  5. The word “Tierce” and the phrase “off leash” together are truly frightening. So is the pic.

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