1. Oh Julie – whatever are we going to do about you? You do realize you are the only person in the world that their Shibas doesn’t listen to them, aren’t you? heheheheeee

  2. Ha Ha – love it – I have 2 Shibas in Australia and this is exactly what they are like – they are beautiful and they know it – thats why they get away with been naughty!

  3. Hilarious…that is a Shiba in a nutshell. I’ve had the pleasure of three now…and they have been/are the epitome of the cartoon. 🙂

  4. So obvious my dog is a mix…

    1. Courage/Boldness: Not so much. Loud scary bark, applied frequently, but hides behind me for protection when scared. (Except for the “Opussum Incident” last fall.)

    2. Goodnatured/Obedient/Loyal: Well, yes, except for the obedient. Has that Shiba talent for knowing *just* how far she can take it before I get really mad.

    3. Artlessness/Simplicity/Natural Beauty: Yes, on all counts. Strangers say “What a pretty dog!” Unless she’s blowing coat, in which case they say: “What’s wrong with your dog? Is it contagious?”

    Ah, Shibas.

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