1. They tried to poison me again with a new brand of cheese treats!

  2. I’m so disgusted with my mom and Michelle, they are making me wear stupid panties to bed, just so a mess won’t happen on Michelle’s precious comforter, it’s not my fault I’m in season! Honestly I’m so upset that I can’t even eat my bedtime cookie!

  3. Toby here. I want to subscribe too! And Tierce is my role model, as I am also a misanthropic Shiba, and I hope someday to be at least mildly influential as an internet Shiba, since my acting career seems a bit stalled by unappreciative owner! These story topics are great–we need to speak out about the abuse our cruel owners are imposing on us with their ideas of cleanliness!

  4. I’m so frustrated right now, the girls in the house keep coming into season and my family locks me in jail – geez, what’s a guy supposed to do, oh well at least I’m flexible enough I can make myself feel a bit better. Mom said I can’t even have sex until I get my eyes checked next month, like what is up with that? Mom said they put a special lense on my eye to check for “angles” I have no idea what that means, but maybe it means I will finally get to have my way with the ladies – a guy can only hope!

  5. Okay, I am so friends off with my family right now, they had the nerve to do my nails, I hate having my nails done!!!!! I can be thankful at least that they don’t put nail polish on mine like they do to the English Setter at Christmas time!

  6. How many times do I have to hear “Rose’- NO!” in one day? I really don’t know what the problem is with chewing on this or that, or mouthing everyone, it’s who I am OKAY, I’m super cute, why can’t the humans say “Oh Rose’ I don’t mind if you mouth me right now, or go head and chew whatever you like!”

  7. How hard is it to have supper ready for me at 6:00 pm, I keep telling mom, “hello, I’m hungry” I work hard all day long keeping the kids in line and letting Miya know I’m really the boss, a girl works up a hunger, I think I might have to go see a therapist soon, and why, why do I always have to sit before I get a cookie – I mean seriously, just give me the damn thing and be gone…

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