The Bathing

This post was brought to you in part by the Shiba Prom Haiku Contest, which Tierce won.

Tierce: I am never going along with any of your crackpot schemes again!

Me: Don’t knock yourself. You’re a very talented poet.

Tierce: Burn in hell!

It was also brought to you in part by Filthy Farmdog soap.
Tierce was less than impressed by the whole contest winning experience. However, I was thrilled.
And, because I’m an evil dog owner who wants Tierce to suffer, I was ecstatic to make use of the Filthy Farmdog soap for the first time.
Tierce was not impressed.
But I was.
And the results were worth the damage to Tierce’s psyche

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  1. Beautiful work! Well done, both of you! (Tierce will live… really…)

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