Tessen AKA Sunojo’s Fan o’ War

Little Bean/Ten/Sen/Ten Ten/Sen Sen/Hey!/YOU./Little Fan/That puppy has joined the household. Her siblings, now Hiro and Shiro (I swear, their families came up with them separately!) are ensconced in their new homes.

Tessen was the first to do a lot of things – first to explore unstable surfaces, first to escape the whelping box… and the ex-pen… first to paddle in the pool and first to explore new things. She’s a spicy bean and I’m hoping she’ll do great things in the show ring and in the sports arena.

With all this confidence comes a temperament more intense than Shimi’s and this little bean delights in trying to poke Tierce’s composure. He, in return, seems to like standing in front of fences and ex-pens just to bark at her. It’s the beginning of a beautiful frienmity.

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