Stress and Puppies

Stop using my puppies for your insatiable need for attention. ~ Shimi
Video courtesy Susan Norris-Jones

So, these are last Tuesday’s weights. All the pups are doing well.

  • Alpha: 15.3 oz. (she is over a lb now)
  • Bravo 9.2 oz. (small but feisty)
  • Charlie 13.6 oz. (getting towards the 1 lb mark)

So, in the video, one of the things Susan does is hold the puppies and turn them back and forth a little. It’s stressful, kind of like when you’re settled into your Sherlock binge-watching marathon and some asshole who isn’t bringing food knocks on your door.

What About Stress?

“If at first you don’t succeed, try doing the same thing over again, because that’s sure to work.”
~ Video courtesy Susan Norris-Jones

‘Stress’ is one of those words that has become shorthand for ‘over-stress’, but as an effect on the body and mind, it is not a bad thing. Just as too much fruit, TV, exercise, lack of exercise, Nickelback, etc. can really, um, fudge you right up.*

Mild to moderate stress can be beneficial, such as exercise, studying, working to achieve a goal, etc. Also, being exposed to new things and having to adjust to new situations when one is in a safe place and safe mindset is not only beneficial, it is essential.

Puppies need to be handled (safely) frequently so handling and touch are normal for them from the beginning. A puppy that is gently handled and put into different positions will often be a little discombobulated, but when it becomes a normal part of their day, it sets them up for accepting handling in the future.


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