Shiba/Shar Pei Cross

We all went to Qualicum Beach to check out one of the dog off-leash parks there. While wandering behind the Qualicum Beach Civic Centre, we met this dog:

Shiba Shar Pei Cross

Typically, it took forever just to get this photo.

His owner identified him as a Shiba Shar Pei cross and, while it might be hard to tell from the photos (it was getting dark and my iPhone camera was getting cranky), he did look like he had Shiba in him. Scary, huh?

Shiba Shar Pei Cross

"I'm only standing still because I'm listing all the better things I could be doing at this moment."

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  1. Certainly is a *unique* looking mix. I had a unique looking mix too – Norwegian Elkhound and I don’t know what – possibly Corgi.

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