Shibas advertising dog products.

Working in a pet supply store, I have already made a mental note of the products that feature a Shiba on the packaging. Here are two, both from Outward Hound:

Here we have a Shiba who is no doubt delighted to have this water/supply backpack on.

Next, we have something more in keeping with a Shiba’s goals: a nice tent for camping! This nylon tent sports bug mesh to keep your Shiba free from mosquitoes.

A closer look:

I think I remember some Ziggys that had a Shiba puppy on them, but we don’t have that packaging any more. Akira and Shiro’s blog has a post about Shibas in other kinds of advertising.

Last but not least, I have to promote my favourite screensaver: Kissing Canines, which features Libby the Shiba, both as herself and wearing a santa hat.

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