Shiba webcam legacy?

I’ve got a Google Alert for “shiba inu” up and running.  Before the Shiba inu puppy cam, I would get maybe one or two emails a week about Shiba stuff – mostly news stories where Shibas were mentioned and the occasional ad.  Now I’m seeing a huge increase in the amount of Shiba Inu stories coming into my inbox.  Most are advertisements for Shiba puppies, Shiba stud service, want ads for “$100 Shiba” or “Free Shiba Puppy” and the ever-present Yahoo! Answers queries about getting a Shiba and/or Shiba ownership.

Now, this could be because Google has become more efficient in its search techniques, but it’s funny that it seemed to begin at the webcam’s peak popularity.  My Google Analytics also shows a jump at that time and is still getting hits from the site where the puppy cam streaming feed is hosted.

The puppycam owners have been very careful to urge people to think carefully before bringing a Shiba into their lives and to only go to responsible breeders or rescues for a dog.  They also have not attempted to capitalize on their puppies’ sudden fame to make money for themselves; the only item they are selling is a puppy calendar, with all the profits going to Shiba rescue.

However it does appear that this puppycam has thrust the Shiba into the spotlight.  Whether this is good, bad, or indifferent, the Shiba is becoming more well-known.  Consequently, it is also more likely to be prey to irresponsible breeders, callous puppymillers and profit-run pet shops.

However, we can’t control how popular the Shiba gets.  We can only do our part to educate and, failing that, make scathing remarks about irresponsible dog owners should the occasion require.

Thoughts?  And check out this store, where you can proclaim your Shiba allegiance as dating before the puppy cam.

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  1. I’m a compulsive viewer of (and poster on) the Cam site, and I *totally* understand your worry about the consequences for Shibas of the site’s popularity. Maybe this will reassure you a bit: your site in particular has been a go-to to learn more about the breed, we all read (and loved!) the “TMS in a Nutshell”, and many viewers realized the they should just admire Shibas from afar. 🙂 And there have been plenty of scathing remarks posted about irresponsible owners and breeders, and certain other cam sites.

    A lot of good has also come from the Cam site – not only did scores of viewers donate to or volunteer at their local animal shelters who would not have otherwise, many pets were adopted too, including special-needs pets. But even more imporantly (imho), just watching the way this couple interact with their dogs, the love, the gentle and positive training, has been an education for us all. These are special people, and the Cam wouldn’t have been so addictive without them.

    Hugs and belly rubs to Tierce!

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