Shiba tattoos?

tattoo I have always wanted a tattoo, but have suffered from the Will-I-still-like-this-50-years-from-now syndrome.  However, Shassi’s brush with should-we-put-her-down has made me think that I wouldn’t mind something to remember one of the most significant dogs of my life with.

So, one day I took a non-toxic stamp pad and hied me over to the house, where I carefully pressed Shassi’s right paw several times on pieces of notepad paper.  I then scanned the images and plugged them into Photoshop where, with my awesome digital imaging skillz, I smoothed, filled in and compensated for until I came up with the image you see on the left.

I got curious about Shiba inu tattoos, but I couldn’t find any pictures of people who have had them done or even designs for them!  However, when I have recovered from my current impecuniousness, I will be happy to publish pictures of my homage to Shassi.  I’ve already determined that it is going to be in an appropriate-to-bare-in-public area, but not which appropriate place it should be in.  Shoulder?  Arm?

I’m not so far gone that I’m planning to tattoo SHIBAINUS.CA on my forehead…  I like Shibas, but not quite that much!

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