Shiba Inu Mix in Nanaimo BC


Gunner, Shiba Inu mix at Nanaimo SPCA

Image from Nanaimo SPCA

If you’re looking for a Shiba Inu mix who is friendly with kids and dogs, check out Gunner at the Nanaimo SPCA.  This little guy had a hard time of it before he was brought into the Nanaimo SPCA.  Gunner suffered a dislocated hip for at least a month, according to Island Vet, before they were able to treat him.  Since the dislocation was so long standing, they ended up replacing the ball of the hip joint with an artificial one.  Gunner is expected to make a full recovery.

Gunner is Pet of the Week (LiveStream video).

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  1. I found that helping a dog rehab from a hip injury not very challenging at all. In fact, I learned a lot and the exercises help you bond. Hope someone scoops him up!

    p.s. I’m passing the seven post challenge to your blog. It’s the first shiba blog I ever read, and I’m sure I haven’t even read half of the amazing stuff you’ve written

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