Shiba Dreams

My boyfriend and I have the flu, and apparently it’s playing with his head, as evinced by the following dream:

We decided to go to a bookstore. We were still in our Toyota Tercel, but it was now powered by the driver running and stopped by him standing up, just like the Flintstones! The bookstore was in someone’s house, so we avoided the corner with the bed and person sleeping in it. My boyfriend was poking around the books, but I knew exactly why I was here and bounded up a staircase to an upper balcony. I shouted down to Boyfriend, “Come up and take a look!”

He came up the stairs and saw a box of ten, eight-week-old Shiba puppies on the floor. I was standing beside it, with a huge smile.

“Look what I bought! Aren’t they great?” I said.

“No!” Boyfriend replied.

“But, you’ll learn to love them!” Boyfriend went back down the stairs. I followed him, a big box of ten Shiba puppies in my arms, repeating how much he was going to love them once he got to know them.

“You’re not taking them home!” Boyfriend said at the door.

“Oh, it’ll be okay!” I said, still smiling.

He got in the car. And drove away, leaving me and ten Shiba puppies at the bookstore.

Tierce (our present and only Shiba!) was glad to see him back home, though.

And that’s how we broke up.

(he told me about this dream this morning and I laughed my ass off, between coughs)

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