Shiba Cruelty Case

Photo by Paul Aiken

Photo by Paul Aiken

Woman tapes Shiba to refrigerator

WARNING: the above contains a police report which is quite detailed.

“I know this looks really bad, but the dog bites.  He’s aggressive.”

I can’t imagine why he would be aggressive, you fucking pathetic bitch.  What I wouldn’t give for 20-30 minutes with you and a roll of duct tape.

Further information on Rex’s situation

“Humane Society CEO Lisa Pedersen said Rex is actually closer to 2 years old rather than the eight months Toll had told police.

She said the dog is not in the friendliest of moods but is doing well physically. Rex skittishly accepted treats Wednesday from a staffer at the Humane Society, letting out a warning bark every now and then.

“He’s not easy to handle right now,” Pedersen said. “It’s really sad. It’s not his fault.”

The Humane Society will keep both dogs until their owners’ legal cases are resolved, Pedersen said.”


  1. Unbelievable!

    These people should never have pets again.
    Hope Rex and the other dog find good homes.

  2. That crack-ho bitch should be tortured by taping her naked body up with packaging tape and pulling the tape off her every hour! See how it feels!
    Stupid, stupid woman! I wanna drive to Colorado and beat her ass!

    Any news if the dogs are going to a new home?

  3. omg.. i could only read the first page of the police report.

    just breaks my heart!!!!

    and i will spare you all the stream of expletives that shot out of my mouth
    as tears are pouring down my face.

    this is truly horrific! I am ashamed to be part of the human race where
    things like this occur.

    Thank God the police found him! If she lied about his age, i’m sure she
    also lied about how long he was taped.

    Poor Shiba Baby.. I do hope he finds a loving home.

  4. Besides the horrible taping incident, I can’t believe they scalded the poor dog trying to get him a bath. That hurt much more than the taping incident if it melted his hair. I just don’t want imagine the trauma & pain that poor dog suffered at the hands of his “loving owners” which I’m sure they believe they are.

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