Shassi – Sunojo’s Aka Shasta C.G.C. August 27, 1993 – January 6, 2010

Shassi at 3 months

Shassi at 3 months

Shassi at 12 years old

Shassi at 12 years old

Well, after her reprieve nearly a year ago, Shassi was put to sleep today.  My mom and aunt were there with her; my aunt couldn’t stay in the room, but Mom was there until the end.  She went peacefully; her tired old body just wasn’t working anymore and, if there was a spark left in her, I would guess that she was glad to finally leave it.

I’m kind of numb about it; I cried a lot last year when I thought we had to put her down then, but now I only feel a kind of vague relief (it was getting so that looking at her was painful – my aunt took GREAT care of her, but she was getting more and more frail and didn’t seem to know anyone.) and a shadowy foreboding that it’s eventually going to hurt when things catch up with me.

Goodbye, my little misanthropic shiba.


  1. Sorry to hear this. Shassi did look extremely frail in her last picture.

    The little Shiba has left a good legacy.

    Go have a good cry.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I’m sure that she had a wonderful life with you, and through TMS, she taught so many of us about the world of shibas.

  3. <3

    Shassi opened my eyes to a whole new world when I found this blog. She leaves a truly great legacy here!

    So sorry for your family's loss.

  4. Words fail me. Shassi was beloved by many in addition to her wonderful family. My sincere condolences to you.

  5. Thanks for sharing her with us. Shassi will always be the first shiba inu I “knew”.

  6. She was well loved and I’m sure never went wanting (though Shibas tend to think otherwise sometimes). Our hearts go out to you and your family.

  7. In all our hearts, she will remain the icon of the Misanthropic Shiba and our household is sorry for your loss. The internet and the world has lost a part of its sparkle.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. Shassi will always be in my memory. Please give Tierce an extra hug for me. The great memories you have of Shassi will help you through the coming days.

  9. Shassi was truly an icon of the Shiba World and touched so, so many of us……..she will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. My heart goes out to you and your family. May she rest in peace and play happily at the Bridge.

  10. Shassi and your writing was one of the reasons why I got Pongy. I hope you know that you and Shassi has affected a lot of people and that she will always be a legend amongst the shiba community 🙂

  11. Godspeed, Shassi.

    You and your diary back in the Acmepet days completely convinced me that I never, ever, ever, ever wanted a Shiba- but that DARN if they weren’t wonderful dogs- and started research that eventually let me to the German spitz and my beloved Lizzie Demonspitz.

    Good thoughts for you and your family, Julie.

  12. My deepest sympathies on the passing of Shassi. She lived a long life and contributed so much to ours. TMS was the very first website I came upon after adopting my 10 wk old Shiba Inu, a bizzarre creature I could not understand. You and Shassi helped me raise and understand Tikka in a way that would otherwise be impossible and I am forever grateful that you shored your knowledge and experience in such a frank and hilarious fashion. All of our Shiba love!

  13. Oh Shassi… Queen of Shibas

    You helped so many in figuring out their shibas.. and in some cases helped those not up for the challenge, know that this breed was not for them.

    I’ve referred so many to this site. Information, funny “tails”, commirseration, laughter, and reality. You painted a true picture of the Shiba that I love.. Many love…

    Truly you were one of a kind as well as your Humans.

    You are missed..

    I picture the Rainbow Bridge with rivers of cheese .. creeks of peanut butter.. Ribeye trees.. Squeaky toy bushes.. Rolling hills and the coldest water.. Angels to give you belly rubs and full body massages…

    Rest well.. For on this earth…… You will always be the iconic Queen of Shibas.

    Julie and Family… Thank you and I do hope for you truly know the affect Shassi and your blog has had. I pray the archived blogs will one day give you laughter and smiles in remeniscence ofa a truly special spirit. Healing thoughts to all.

  14. You have my most sincerest condolences. What a character she was!

  15. I am so so sorry Sasta is gone I’ve had to put two of my dogs down it’s the most hardest thing I had to go through, but knowing they’re not suffering anymore helped me do it.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

  16. Oh Julie, I just got home and read your email – I’ve spent the past 2 hours rereading TMS and reliving the Shassi Experience. Your 2007 tribute is just beautiful, I am glad you reposted it.
    I’m not very proficient with all the internet options for communications, so hope that you see this. Thank you for being such a wonderful owner (gosh, were you only 16 when Shassi went to live with you?). And more thanks for TMS – you have done a better job educating people about Shibas than any other website.
    Now if only I could quit crying – not because we didn’t know Shassi’s time was coming, but for the end of a very special period of life. The current generation of Shibas are not as snotty as Shassi and her contemporaries, but certainly have their own set of behaviors that keep us on our toes.
    Take care…

  17. May Shassi rest in peace.

    Our condolences go to you and your family. I’m sure she will enjoy her new life across the rainbow bridge as she is welcomed with open arms.

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