Shassi and Tierce love Violent Acres

Well, Shassi and Tierce couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Violent Acres. But I do. The latest posts that V has written concern how to train children to behave. It’s excellent reading on directing positive and negative reinforcement to effectively modify behaviour. In fact, it’s very close to clicker training, which is a very effective behaviour modification technique.

Training children to behave on cue

Effective Negative Reinforcement

Effective Positive Reinforcement

The last is, I believe, the best of the three. Shiba owners will find a lot of effective strategies here. First, set the puppy up to succeed. If circumstances are such that he can’t do anything but engage in a desired behaviour, he will develop that into a habit. Incompatible behaviour training is effective in situations like meeting people – if the dog is taught to sit for a treat, then taught that all strangers feed him, he will automatically sit when he meets a stranger. Enthusiastically praise, to the point of absurdity and beyond, a behaviour that you want to reinforce.

And check out the rest of Violent Acres.


  1. About your website, Shassi is now #10 of “The Shiba Inu Veterans List top 50”.
    And Japan Kennel Club isn’t the most respectable organization for Shiba Inu registration and conservation. Nihonken Hozonkai (Nippo for short) is it.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to the greatest blogger in the history of the internet.

  3. I’m giggling again. My Shiba (Indiana Jones, Indy for short) is laying on the other couch looking at me with a, “What’s going on? Is it food? What’s more important than me” look on his face.

    When we’re out an about he just attracts people and they want to know the breed and other information. I just hand them my Treo where I have your site bookmarked and say, “Read this”.

    My guy is just about seven but he is still a pup and King in his mind. Our new neighbor is the “just put the dog in the backyard and ignore it type” only they have a bloodhound.

    When he sits his front legs rest on the top of the fence…and he’s absolutely terrified of Indy.

    If you have a spot to post stories, I’d like to send some in of Indy vs. the Toy Chi. I have some funny videos also. A fast, small dog is introduced to an even smaller dog that is faster and can turn corners like an F1 car.

    Anyhow, The Misanthropic Shiba is hilarious.

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