Senior Shiba on Gabriola Island Needs Home

Goldie, senior Shiba

Goldie is a 14 year old Shiba who has a bit of a sad story.  Her former owner passed away and this senior girl needs a new home.  She is currently being fostered on Gabriola Island.

Goldie’s foster mom says she is quiet, obedient (can’t be a Shiba, then!) and somewhat territorial in her own yard (okay, she could be a Shiba).  She is friendly elsewhere, so, for a Shiba, she’s a saint.

Despite being well into her senior years, Goldie is in excellent health.  She does need her teeth cleaned and requires daily exercise.  Like most Shibas, Goldie will make a break for it if given the opportunity.  She is 20 lbs.

Goldie eats 2/3 cup of kibble a day, along with apples, carrots and the occasional water-packed sardine.  Her foster mom will assist with backup care for Gabriola Island owners in case they need to leave the island for extended periods.

Email if you’re interested and I can put you in contact with the dog’s foster mom.

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