Scammer Inu

Does this look a little ‘off’ to you?

Wow. Much rareness. Very healthy guaranteed.

You know I had to fuck with them.

They could shed, but don’t, because they’re morally superior
All your gerbils are belong to us.

Okay, so look. Not every breeder is going to be Oscar Wilde or my English professor. You don’t need to spell to be a dedicated breeder, smart person, etc. However, you do need to be able to effectively communicate with your buyers.

There’s also the issue of the short replies that provide minimal information that is always positive about the breed.

Sure, yeah, Shibas don’t shed and they just luuurrrrve other dogs and your gerbils are completely safe.

This sounds like either a scam or someone who stuck two dogs together because they saw that they could sell them for $4,200. Or $3,800; maybe they’re having a blow-out sale. We’re assuming, for the moment, that this isn’t a case of someone asking you to send money for the pup via Western Union.

Thing is, you can get a pup from someone who gives a shit for about half that, plus breeder support, plus puppy support, plus (in our circle) an instant group of more-or-less nutty allies who know what it’s like for someone to message them at 02:38 going, “IS HE GOING TO KEEP DEMANDING TO POTTY OUTSIDE AT THIS TIME FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE???????”

You can learn to love a dog from someone who cares.

Breeding dogs is not a case of guarantees. I don’t really like using the word in this context because genetics is a crap shoot. Those I term ‘responsible breeders’ do their damndest to stack the deck in their pups’ favour. If the deck tumbles, they at least try to a) find out why, how, and what could have been done better, and b) provide support to their puppy buyers so that they have help dealing with the problem.

You’re much more likely to get a solid, healthy dog from someone who pays attention to such things as health-testing, socialization, what the breed requires to maintain a high quality of life, and your needs as a dog owner.

I wish more of them would advertise on Kijiji. If reputable breeders advertised more on the platforms that ordinary people use to find puppies, maybe these ordinary people would see the difference between a dog and a dog that was bred to be what they actually want.

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