Sato and Tierce

In chronicling Sato’s adventures and sudden fame, I was reminded of a little incident that occured just – and I do mean just – before Tierce’s and my first show handling class on Monday. My boyfriend had just put him out on the cable outside the door so that he could pee. He was preparing supper and had a good view of Mr. Tierce inspecting the bounds of his tether. Until I came home and asked him where the dog was.

“Outside,” he said.

“He’s not there.”

Not there?! But he was there a second ago!”

The tether stays out all day and all night and is consequently stiff. Sometimes so stiff that one has to work the clip back and forth before it will move into place. The best we could figure out was that Tierce had gotten lucky and the clip had fallen off his collar.

So… no Tierce. We go out to the front. No Tierce. We call, yell and no doubt introduce new and interesting terms into the general vicinity. No Tierce.

Now all the worst things that could happen invariably flood the mind as one is trying to figure out where that dog could have gotten to. A limp body by the side of the road. A little face in the window of a car driving to Elsewheresville. A hole where whimpers can’t be heard. A dog, raccoon or cougar swallowing a curly tail for dessert.

I can only imagine what Alen Nelson is feeling right now, especially having to abandon his pet to keep his job. It must be a comfort to know that a search is underway, but that doesn’t stop the mind from going places where the dog suffers and dies because of one little mistake. And, the dog being a Shiba, that one lapse in attention ends up with the little brat revelling in sweet, sweet freedom and loathe to give it up.

I sure hope that Nelson gets his dog back. When Tierce came barrelling towards me to welcome me back from work, it was at the same time a huge relief and an I’m-going-to-fucking-kill-you moment. Fortunately the huge relief and the imminent show class won out.


  1. My heart fell to the bottom of my feet when i read this!!

    Update on Sato.. he was found yesterday and is now safely in the custody of his human.


  2. One day, I was pissed that The Woman did not take me in her car with her. When she returned with the groceries which she was moving from the car to the house, I thought that she was going to leave me behind again, so I followed her outside and she screamed with surprise when she saw me standing behind her, waiting to get into the car.

    Fortunately, there were no squirrels around so I quickly followed her into the house for a treat- but make no bones about it, a Shiba can slip through what is assumed to be a closed door and seek their heart’s desires.

    I am glad that Tierce has been found, and Sato also. No Shiba really likes to be without their person.

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