Rex’s tormenter allowed to live with another dog

Abby Toll

Abby Toll

Accused animal abuser OK to live with mother, dog in Chicago

Abby Toll, the woman who allegedly taped the Shiba inu, Rex, to her refrigerator is allowed to leave the state to head to Chicago.  There, she will live with her mother and her mother’s dog.  There is no report as to whether the mother is going to leave her dog alone with Toll; I certainly hope not.

Toll’s boyfriend/punching bag, Bryan Beck has a court appointment on Thursday for a pre-trial conference.  No word on whether he has obliging relatives with pets.


  1. Thanks for the update.

    Not only am I concerned about the mother’s dog, but I am also concerned about the mother. What is to prevent this young person from intimidating or abusing her own mother?

  2. WTF!!! I’m angry about this. This really hits me hard because my shiba is the spitting image of Rex. I can’t believe they are letting her get away with that for a punishment. They should throw the book at them.

  3. I’m rather incredulous and so sorry for the mother’s dog!!

    Studies have shown that cruelty to animals can escalate to cruelty to humans in the future. So even if the courts don’t see it from our perspective (Justice for Rex) but certainly would like for them to see
    for the potential this has.

    Horribly alarming!

  4. My shiba mix looks a lot like Rex – same black and tan coloring.

    I wish we could make this woman serve a long prison term in Texas. No AC in the prisons, and it’s hot from May through Oct.

  5. Try Phoenix where some of the prisoners live in tents! =)

    i think ole Sherriff Joe Arpaio would love to house her there.

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