Rex Updates

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley has a page for Rex.  If you can find it in your heart (and pocketbook), make a donation for Rex there.  Or donate to your own local SPCA/humane society/rescue.  After all, Shibas are dogs and abused dogs need our help and support.  🙂

Abby Toll, who allegedly did this to Rex, appeared in court today.

Now, on to some happy things:

Shiba Inu Crochet Pattern (Etsy)

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  1. Way to go Rex! We are rooting for you and hope your next home is a loving forever one that understands shiba inu’s!

    As for the “it’s-all-about-me” little princess, please give Abby Toll the max. Hopefully, her clueless boyfriend has finally figured out what he was in for with precious little Abby. We’re also happy that Abby’s little Paris-Hilton-purse-chihuahua was also rescued.

    I guess there’s no way to prevent idiots like these from reproducing. Pity.

    And a pox on the pet store that sold these clods a fuzzy little shiba pup in the first place.

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