Rex Placed in Foster Care!

Abused Boulder dog at home with foster family

Two-year-old Rex is now living with two other shiba inus at the home of a Denver-area couple, Humane Society chief executive officer Lisa Pedersen said Tuesday. She said the foster arrangement is a test to see if Rex can adapt to his new surroundings.

Pedersen declined to identify the couple who took Rex in before an adoption is official, but she said they have experience dealing with abused animals. She said the shelter got requests from families as far away as New York, California and Wisconsin — all of them willing to drive to Colorado to pick Rex up and provide a home for him.

Awesome!  Three cheers for Rex!  Let’s hope the home he finds can work with him to get him over his abuse issues.  It can be an uphill battle, but with a dedicated owner, Rex will at least have a fighting chance to get the life all dogs deserve.

-Thanks to Leslie, who commented on my last post to bring us this link.

Lets remember also that the battle for Rex isn’t over – Abby Toll will appear back in court next month.  Let’s keep this alive until the case is over so people will remember what she did!

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