Rex evaluated for euthanasia?

Rex, from the HSBV

Rex, from the HSBV

Here’s a disturbing news item:  In the comments on the article “Boulder man gives up custody of dog taped to fridge”, there’s a post from “MountainHaven” saying the following:

Posted by MountainHaven on April 17, 2009 at 1:44 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Okay, now I am PISSED off! BHS never called me back about fostering him and when I called back, I talked to one of the rudest people I have encountered in a long time. I asked whether there was a foster/behavior home set up for him yet and, if not, I was willing to volunteer to foster him, to get him more acclimated to being a “Shiba” and not a punching bag. We have over 5 acres with half of it fenced with other Shibas. Basically this Bleatch told me to mind my own business, that they knew more than I did and he was being evaluated to see if he needed to be put down! OMFG! It escalated to let me talk to your supervisor and the little twit hung up on me. I have a call into not only the ops manager there to register a complaint but also to the training and behavior center.

This dog does not need to be put down. He needs some attention that is not harsh or hurtful. He needs to be a dog again! I also have a call into the only reputable breeder in CO for Shibas to see if she sold Rex. If so, she needs to be involved as a pet contract through her clearly states that she can take possession back of the dog if abuse is evident or proven.

This is just common sense. I don’t feel I’m a dog’s guardian. I’m the owner but I respect that dogs need to be dogs and there’s consequences if they “make” in the house (just like if my husband misses the toilet!). Firm training, positive reinforcement, good food, other dogs with the same mentality as Rex and, most of all, continued knowledge that a human is not going to duct tape you to a fridge!


I certainly hope this report isn’t indicative of the true nature of things.


  1. geez… I hope thats just a miffed commenter and truly not the real nature of things for Rex.

    Who can find out? Does anyone have ties to this humane society in Boulder Valley?

    I post that question on the facebook group, too.

  2. A member of the Dogster forums has taken the time to email a few area reporters who’ve been following the issue.

    If that’s how it’s happening, it should get some media attention soon, and then maybe things will be taken care of the RIGHT way.

  3. The dogster member found out he is not in danger of being PTS, he is already in a foster home. Wahoo! Go team shiba!

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  5. I know who I’d like to euthanize in this case…and it ain’t the dog.

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