Remember Katana? HAPPY ENDING!

On the old blog site, I wrote about Katana, a 10-year-old Shiba who had been dumped at PAWS by her owner because he “didn’t have enough time for her”.



Today I got a note from the old blog:

First I need to let everyone know that I took Katana in a foster only to get her out of the shelter asap before she got kennel cough. She has since been adopted by our family.  She is a wonderful dog that enjoys playing with squeeky toys and bones. She is in very good hands and will always be for the rest of her golden years.

It was signed by Anonymous.  Anonymous, thanks for making the life of an abandoned older Shiba happy again!


  1. aw, nice to hear a happy ending. Allow me to say – whatta face!

  2. So glad to see that she found a good home. Bet she has a much better life than before. And she does look like a sweetheart.

    Here is another success story for an older dog. “Elvis” is an older male shiba found wandering loose in Elk Grove, CA. He eventually became a permanent resident at Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue and has his own page at the rescue website.

  3. Glad to hear that she found a good forever home. She is probably better off there than where she was before. Hope she has happy years ahead!

    Here is another happy ending with senior dog. Elvis was found wandering loose in Elk Grove CA. He eventually wound up as a permanent member of the Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue family. He has his own webpage: (scroll all the way to see Elvis w/Santa)

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