1. That made my day! Brings back memories of a whimpering puppy at the groomers and all they did was trim her nails!

  2. Seeing that yellow ring over head of Shassi that suggests her death several hours earlier, I searched though recent posts for announcement about hear death. I have no comfort to offer. I’m sorry.

  3. Poor thing! 😀 Ha ha.
    I have a shiba as well, but I have never heard anyone taking their shiba to a groomer… in my opinion, why bother: their coat is sooooo easy to take care of, I just brush him when he is shedding and clip his nails every week, and that’s it. He doesn’t object nail clipping at all, just lies on my lap and allows me to get it done. Probably because I have managed to avoid cutting too deep. 🙂
    I don’t even wash him, unless he gets dirty somewhere (and that would be very unusual since he hates dirt, mud, swimming and everything like that :D) and he still is clean and doesn’t smell unpleasant at all. It’s so unfair that as a greasy-headed human being I have to wash my hair every friggin’ day, and his coat is just so clean and beautiful as it is, with practically no washing at all! Sigh. The unfairness of the universe.

    I wouldn’t take a dog whose coat needs special caring, I prefer using that time for common walks or training my beloved canine friend. No afghan hounds for me! 😀

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