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Someone else made this, not me, but I wish I had

Someone else made this, not me, but I wish I had

The purple Shiba hat I knitted isn’t coming together as well as I’d like.  I think I might take it apart and reknit it.  In the meantime, when it comes to Shiba wear, I’m considering this.

I was on the city-data.com forums, arguing once again about the stupidity of the purebred vs. mixed breed debate.  I think it stems right back to the purebred=value and mixed breed=lower class/proud anti-rich.

In some ways, I think it would do the world of dogs a world of good if we did not put such an emphasis on purebred dogs as the be-all and end-all of “good” breeding.  Yes, I support the responsible breeding of purebred dogs, but at the same time, I support the responsible breeding of mixed breeds.  OMGWTFBBQ!

Now before the Shiba rescues come and sic a bunch of Shiba puppies with luxating patellas on me, let me explain.  I also believe that 99% of all dogs should not be bred.  When I hear of a mixed breed having a litter, a nerve starts jumping in my forehead because 99.9% of the time, it’s someone who had an “accident” or someone who is making money off the “designer dog” market.  (MUST KILL)

I will go so far as to testify to my disapprobation with an attitude that supports the breeding of purebreds with questionable genetics before it supports the breeding of healthy, tested mixed breeds.  I also believe that it is this attitude which has caused a large portion of society to turn to these designer mutts.  In this educated society, it’s not enough to say, “Only purebreds should reproduce!” and ignore the real aim behind the message, which is, “Only dogs that are genetically healthy, temperamentally stable and physically sound should reproduce.  Every breeding dog should have a known pedigree that is used to weed out the animals passing on negative traits and bring together the animals passing on the best traits.  Plus, the dogs that are chosen for breeding should be chosen for a reason; they must be proven to excel at something.  While most people don’t want a competition animal, it is from these that the healthiest, most stable pets are produced.”

You don’t need to have purebred dogs to produce healthy, good tempered puppies that are likely to grow up into excellent working and companion dogs that will live long, healthy lives.  What you need are dogs bred by responsible people who believe that breeding the best dogs possible for a particular purpose is their mission in life. There are breeders of farm collies, Alaskan huskies, cockapoos and other unrecognized animals who not only put many purebred breeders to shame, they could teach us a thing or two about breeding for function as well as adherance to a kennel club standard of appearance.

What is best for dogs overall?  Is it solely sanctioning the breeding of purebreds and thus continuing the myth that purebred breeders/fanciers are only eugenic snobs who want to keep “zee master race” pure from defilement?  Or is it going out and educating people who are trying to find their little piece of canine counterculture about the truth of genetic problems and the actions of responsible breeders?  I eagerly await the day that “purebred” is not so dwelt on so much why the breeder is breeding, how hard they’re working to keep their dogs free of genetic disease, how carefully they place their dogs and how supportive they are of their dogs’ new owners.

American Working Farmcollie Association Breeding Links

Wow, it’s late.  Or early.  Let me know if this makes any sense.


  1. ha! it’s funny that you mentioned t-shirts. i had thought about some simple designs and wanted to make one so i could wear it to the dog park.

    idea #1) i am not a fox (insert picture)
    idea #2) i am not a minature husky (insert picture)
    idea #3) iShiba. do you?
    idea #4) i don’t listen, so stop calling my name!

    silly… i know. you can thank Kuma for the last one. =)

  2. Hello,

    The drawing you placed is originaly from a Girl from Belgium (Anna)
    It is the logo from the Belgium Akita club.
    If you look close you can even see that they dit not botter to change the whole drawing.

    I also make drawings (Fantasy, Shiba’s and more) and find it sad that there are always people who “steal” them for own use and in this case, to sell them on t-shirts as there own.

    this said.

    I like your site very much 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Big Shiba fan

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