Seven weeks and already dedicated cardboard box reducers, reusers, and recyclers.

I have not kept up with this blog. I have been busy with the latest litter of pups out of Shimi, who are fat, sassy beans. There are three: Delta (M), Echo (F), and Foxtrot (M). Delta is the vocalist, Echo is the adventurer, and Foxtrot is the toy-focused one. If things work out, I may keep Foxtrot. I like Echo, but I don’t want two open bitches at this point in time. Also, I would like to keep the M-F dynamic I have with Tierce and Shimi.

Tierce and Shimi at a dog show a few years back. Shimi had hair then.

Tierce keeps on truckin’ at 15 years old. His latest hobby is growling and barking at the puppies who think he is just the best thing EVARRRR. He gets Cytopoint and Cartrophen and is pretty vital for an old boy. Sometimes he wants to walk for a long time, sometimes he refuses to go further than a block away from the house. Oh well; he’s 15 – he can do as he likes.

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