Point ‘N Click Shiba!

I am a big fan of point n’ click games – mostly they are “escape the room” style games where you click on objects and areas to find items that can help you get out of a room. They have expanded to where you are on a big adventure quest, etc. Anyway, I was checking out Jay is Games, when I came across a post about Escape Day. The description went, “You star as some kind of… cat/fox/puppy guy who has, as the game’s intro nicely explains, been lured into, then trapped inside, a kitchen!”

Hmmm… I wonder what kind of dog looks like a cat/fox/puppy… any guesses?

The whole game is in Japanese, so it is going to be difficult for the non-Japanese speaker (I’m totally lost and following the walkthrough!). Fortunately Jay is Games has a walkthrough/Q&A area that can help.

I wants me some kitchen Shiba!

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  1. More posts plz ! I read your blog a lot and enjoy the good tips and insights about owning a shiba. Our little boy is coming home 8/25!

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