Plagiarism with Shibas?

Totally not my work... :)

Totally not my work... 🙂

Totally not my work... :)

Also totally not my work... 🙂

A comment to my Random Thoughts post by Tamara alerted me to a possible plaigarism scandal!  The picture that I linked to on the right and here bears more than a passing resemblance to the picture on the left and here.  Now I can see how stuff like this can go either way – if you’re creating art, what’s the difference between seeing a general theme and using it and copying someone else’s idea?  Thoughts?

This reminds me of a find I made a while back when searching for Shiba stuff.  I found a mousepad with a familiar picture – a picture of Tierce’s dad,  Ch. Sunojo’s Aporo Gami Go.  I emailed Sunojo about it and got the reply that it was indeed a stolen image.  It’s still up there.  eBay told me that if I was not the owner of the picture, they couldn’t do anything, but I think it’s a damned shame.


Interesting update to this: I got an email back from the eBay site owner stating that they had gotten the picture from a photo package.  So the plot thickens.  They sent me a nice letter, so I sent them a nice letter stating that they might want to contact Susan Norris-Jones, the kennel owner, to inform her of this.

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