Parvovirus Outbreak Leads to Vaccine Backlash

Parvo vaccine spurs debate among dog-care professionals

As an advocate for human vaccines, I’m torn.  I feel that my information is desperately inadequate to make an informed decision about vaccines.  It’s been difficult for me to find an unbiased source to obtain useful statistics on vaccines and how they are really affecting pets.  SkeptVet (yes, I love SkeptVet) has a good overview of vaccines.

Tierce hasn’t had any shots since he had a reaction to his rabies booster at 7 months old.  I’m still wondering about that.  Three days after the vaccine, he started scratching at his face and, ever since, the summer is a long series of Vanectyl-P and searching on the Internet for something better.  I’ve been taking a look at Apoquel, but it isn’t cleared for pet treatment in Canada yet.  Call me a sheep, but I believe that I do pay my vet for hard-won expertise and I don’t want to merrily start dosing Tierce with something without her input.

There’s a middle ground here somewhere.  I’m just going to have to keep reading until I find it.


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