Parks & Rec Come Through!

All the benches are showing tightly placed planks and a new coat of paint!  Thanks, Nanaimo Parks & Rec!

Dear Richard and Jeff,

Tierce and I visited the dog park today and found that the benches had been fixed and are even sporting a new coat of paint!  I am very impressed with the celerity with which you addressed my concerns about the benches.  By the way, Tierce is fully recovered from his accident. Thank you both again.

Julie MacTire


Wow great photo and thank you emailing us back.

It is a great help to us when we know of issues and users of facilities let us know plus ideas on how to make things better. Many times we just don’t know something has happened or that something is a problem so thank you for letting us know in a constructive and positive way. Our Parks crews take great pride in our facilities and if they know something act very fast.

What a great day to be out in the parks!


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  1. Wow. That’s very impressive that the government works that quick to fix a problem. That is a great thing you did, Julie, and Kudos to the Parks and Recreation department for working out the problem quick. By the way, Tierce looks great on tha bench.

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