Parents blame dog doors for lack of supervision

Consumer Alert: Pet doors could cause your children to DIE

I found this link today, although it’s a few weeks old.  A family loses their small child to drowning because he found out he could crawl through the dog door.  Now they’re suing the dog door manufacturers because it was somehow their fault for not telling them that a small child could get through a door meant for a dog or cat.

From the link above:

The PetSafe door in the Ranfone home contained no warning to parents of the possible danger on its package or product instructions.

She was outraged to learn that many children had died under similar circumstances before her son.

“It was just unbelievable to me that all of these accidents happened as a result of doggie doors and how come I wasn’t informed,” she told ABC News.

She’s even got a website.

I have a strong suspicion that the reason that she hasn’t heard much about tragic accidents involving children and pet doors is because the parents accepted that it was their fault for not ensuring that the child could not go through the pet door.  However, it seems like it’s the fashion to wave one’s irresponsibility/stupidity/thoughtlessness out in public, in hope of getting money or attention.  Maybe the Ranfones simply don’t want to accept that, if one of them had taken the time to secure the pet door, their son would be alive.  However, instead of nursing their hurts, they chose to threaten the livelihood of a manufacturer who made the mistake of expecting that normal, functioning adults could comprehend a normal, functioning pet door.

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