Don’t Worry

Don’t worry, he’s friendly. He’s really a big love bug. Can you please stop your dog from snarling? He’s really just trying to make friends. Oh, your dog doesn’t like other dogs? You should keep your dog off the sidewalk.… Continue Reading

Enter 2018

Winter on Vancouver Island marches on. The snow hasn’t lasted and a drizzly cold rain has superseded the white flakes that turned Nanaimo white for a few days.  With the excitement of the season over and the new year well… Continue Reading


Shimi does not like the bath.  She will cry after a little while and try to escape.  Tierce, of course, has a long-held disdain for water with soap. I’m thinking of stopping into Dog n’ Suds every so often.  The… Continue Reading

Fall in Nanaimo, on the rare days where it’s not raining and the cloud cover doesn’t take on the appearance of a shroud or the Nothing.

Fall Shibas

Fall agrees with Shibas.  We had our first snow already! Tierce is also getting better at not eating Shimi.