Fall in Nanaimo, on the rare days where it’s not raining and the cloud cover doesn’t take on the appearance of a shroud or the Nothing.

Fall Shibas

Fall agrees with Shibas.  We had our first snow already! Tierce is also getting better at not eating Shimi.

Shimi Shake

Shimi is coming along. She is 5 months old now and is it halfway through puppy class and is also going to Nanaimo Pet Services daycare.  She has her interview with Dog & Suds later this week. Living with a… Continue Reading


So this happened.  Our little velociraptor in fur. I can’t help being a little overwhelmed; Tierce was a puppy 10 years ago, back when I still had some pretensions of youth.  I’ve probably lost a few pounds due to the… Continue Reading

Oh hai, doggy

If you’re on the TMS Facebook, you’ll know that we’re all still here.  Battered, bruised, tired as fuck, but we’re all here.  TMS kind of takes a backseat to everything when there’s a health issue or a financial crisis or… Continue Reading

Shiba Rage

This was a response to issues in one of my Shiba Inu Facebook groups, where queries about testing or purposeful breeding are often met with accusations of superciliousness. I, for one, am sick and tired of how “breeding this dog… Continue Reading