Oh hai, doggy

If you’re on the TMS Facebook, you’ll know that we’re all still here.  Battered, bruised, tired as fuck, but we’re all here.  TMS kind of takes a backseat to everything when there’s a health issue or a financial crisis or whatever.  Fortunately, due to the auspices of fate and friends and connections, it turns out that we’re keeping going and the humans, at least, are holding on.

Which is why we’re getting another Shiba.

Ummm… yeah.

You see, Tierce had a birthday.  We threw him a party.  And we realized that he is 10.  TEN.  Ten years have elapsed since we were introduced to ‘the terrorist’ (no shit, that’s what they called him).  Ten years of sarcasm and scorn cleverly hidden as ‘well, that’s just how Shibas are’.

 And, after we had gone through all the years past, we started thinking about the future.  I don’t want a future where I’m suddenly WITHOUT A DOG.  It’s one thing to lose a dog; it’s inevitable, like losing family, friends, things you cherish, places you loved… but that doesn’t mean one has to worship the gaping hole in your life.  I want another dog now so that I can face the eventuality of Tierce’s death with a little more equanimity.

There can be no replacements, only successors.

I would get another dog anyway, no matter if Tierce died tomorrow or 10 years from now.  My breeder is slowing down her kennel breedings and that’s another reason to get a pup now, because I want another Sunojo dog.  It’s been nearly 25 years since Shassi first came home and it seems suitable that the third Shiba in my life be another Sunojo dog.  Tierce was bred by a different breeder, but his sire and dam were still Sunojo.

25 years with Shibas.  Damn.

The potential puppy was born on March 28.  I’m thinking of naming her ‘Shimano’.