The new site for TMS is going up slowly. Sloooooowlllllyyy… You can see that I’m splitting it up into relevant sections, adding new content and fixing bugs. I am doing the happy dance because I figured out why my rollovers weren’t showing up (funny when you don’t put the right image file in, they don’t work).

I decided that I was going to design for 800×600, as I barely get any 640×480 users. I am kind of wondering about the content being aligned left. It looks okay with most screen resolutions, but the larger ones make it look all huddled up against the left side of the screen. I’ll have to think about that one.

My eventual goal is to have the site in all of its glory posted up, but possibly add more information about Shibas for adoption, lost Shibas and maybe even expand the site to make it more interactive for Shiba owners and lovers. But this is going to be a long time in coming; for now my goal is to just get the content up and running with good linkage.

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