No Time For You

Tierce on the couch

I have to think about this in terms of the cost on my time.

Me:  I’ve been thinking.

Mischa:  Uh oh.

Me:  I don’t like our dog anymore.

Mischa: Why don’t you like our dog anymore?

Me:  He’s not little and cute anymore.  And he’s old.

Mischa:  He is damn cute.  And he’s only seven.

Me:  Nearly eight.

Mischa:  You love our dog.

Me:  He doesn’t match the blinds.

Mischa:  If he did, we’d be taking him to the vet for a skin condition.

Me:  He says mean things about me on Facebook.

Mischa:  You have fights on Facebook with your dog.  Think about that.

Me:  I just don’t have the time for him.

Mischa:  Funny, he was saying the same thing about you.

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