No Next Day Pets

Speaking of selling, as I referenced in the 100th post of the Shibalog, you may notice that the ad for NextDayPets is gone from the Google ads that I have posted on the right.

I’m not a big fan of any website whose domain name basically encourages the buy-on-impulse-neglect-at-leisure attitude. “NextDayPets” is not something that I want to imply is just fine.

Furthermore, I’m not a supporter of a system that treats animals like anything else that you can buy on E-Bay, with a puppy paypal system:

Safe Payment Method – FeelSafe, Pet Pay!

FeelSafe, Pet Pay! – Learn More
  • Trusted payment and transaction management solution
  • Create and reference binding agreements readily accessible online 24/7
  • Listing details and images are saved and accessible online 24/7
  • Send payment for the puppy directly to the Seller using Pet Pay!
  • Accepted Payment Methods
    Sellers may accept one or more of the following types of payment: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), PayPal, Wire Transfer, USPS Money Order and Cashier Check

    I don’t like it. I think that a pet purchase should be carefully thought out, not something you do on impulse, based on the picture of a cute puppy and an information line that looks like it was excerpted from an emo MSN conversation: OMG! These puppys R soooo cute! U should buy 1 cuz there gonna go kwik!!! LOLWTFBBQ!

    Thank you, no. I don’t need revenue from those kinds of referrals.


    1. I noticed you also removed the previous post that promoted military gear and such stuff. Good on ya! There’s enough craze and violence in this world without enticing the less-than-well-adjusted to go out and purchase Rambo-style material.

    2. Actually I removed it because they kept on rejecting it, due to the fact that they were looking at the wrong entry. 😛 Oh, well; I’m sure I can find something else that I’ll get paid for promoting.

    3. Actually, requires breeders to verify their identity then requires both the dog breeder and dog lover to contact and interview each other. The Feel Safe Pet Pay section is only used to safely ensure the transfer of funds AFTER the breeder interview the prospective dog lover and vice versa. The site does not promote back yard breeding nor puppy mills.

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